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Post-Race Report: Superheroes Race 2015

hugh-jackman-the-wolverineSource: http://www.filmdivider.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/hugh-jackman-the-wolverine.jpg

“I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I do best isn’t very nice. I’m the Wolverine.”

My all-time favourite Superhero – THE WOLVERINE!

The Superheroes race was yet another last minute sign up! My legs were itching to run and I realised that the Superheroes Race was coming up! Ariff and Rashid spoke of this race earlier on in Feb/March. But as usual, I procrastinated. I think I like the thrill of signing up at the very last minute!

I buzzed Ariff about the race and he so graciously offered a FREE SLOT! Thanks man! (This was Wednesday, 29th April)


The flu bug hit me 2 weeks ago (after Earth Day Run) and my body was still picking up from where it left off. Mileage has been relatively steady but I was lacking key workouts. I kept it nice and easy throughout the week focusing more on my core and cross training. I didn’t want to do too much too soon!

I spent much of my Labour Day (Friday) morning stretching and foam rolling after missing out on Cari’s training session at Desa Park City. This alarm issue is not limited to race day!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Labour Day lunch! Healthy food to prep my body for race day!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe carrot cake was infused with RUM! SO GOOD! Topping off my glycogen stores (Haaaaa!).

The rest of the day was spent cleaning out my room and packing some stuff for donation. It was a SERIOUS WORKOUT! My body was aching the next day!

fsafeAlso, it was my Dad’s Birthday! The man who has supported EVERYTHING I did/do. He was always there for me, through thick and thin. Words cannot express how much he means to me. I thank God for blessing me with an amazing Dad.


Race Day

I had planned to go to bed by 11pm but “The Fault in Our Stars” ruined everything. The next few hours were spent bawling my eyes out. Yes, I’m pretty sensitive.

Anyway, I still managed to put in 4 hours of quality sleep! And, I set 3 alarms!

Breakfast was biscuits and banana because I ran out of bread! GAH!


The race was at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Funnily enough, there was another race going on at the same place, side by side (Carpark B and C respectively).

We were there by 5.20am to collect my race kit! Kevin and I parked our car and we went straight to the counter. I was standing in line for about 20 minutes before I finally got my bib! I was feeling a bit queasy and my stomach was acting up. Took 2 gastric pills 20 minutes before the flag off.

By the time I got my race kit, I didn’t have enough time to warm up. Strolled to the starting line at 6.20am. It was great to see a few familiar faces before heading off!

The crowd was small and manageable. I don’t like it when I have to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone towering over me.


Because there was another race going on, some of them (who were supposed to be at the other race) were standing with us before the flag off! That’s the problem when you have two different races side by side. It was funny to watch!

The countdown was on and we were off! I love the fact that the flag off was early. It was still nice, dark and cool! The weather was great but the roads were wet! I faced the same resistance struggle as I did during the Shape Night Run! URGH! Every stride was tough. FullSizeRender

The struggle is REAL. It is a constant fight with the part of me that wants to give up! You just have to dig DEEP and pull through!

I started out pretty fast to pull away from the crowd. Spotted a foreign lady runner ahead of me but I kept to my pace. The route was relatively flat with a few hills that were evenly spaced out! Enough recovery time before the next one!

This route is my new favourite! I don’t like running around Bukit Jalil but things have certainly changed! Oh, and the distance was pretty accurate too (10.0KM-10.2KM)!

IMG_4090Thanks to my MIO Alpha 2, I can finally see my effort in numbers! Drop me an email/comment if you are interested in getting yourself a MIO watch (special discount!).

I don’t exactly know what pace (ignore the pace and distance) I was going at but I made sure that my watch flashed one colour – RED (zone 5). I was running alongside this other guy. I guess we were both pushing each other! It is always fun to use somebody as a point of reference.


As you can see, much of my time was spent in Zone 5.

There were not many road marshals along the way to direct the runners but it was not easy to get lost. So, that wasn’t a big problem. When we made the final U-turn, I could almost smell the finish line!

As I was approaching the stadium, I sprinted a bit too early because I saw the wrong finishing line (it was the Larian.my finish line)! That was a real killer. Just when you thought it was coming to an end and then BOOM, you have another 300m to go!


Thanks to Running Malaysia for this picture. The final sprint! This counts as my “Superhero suit” because Superheroes love the colour RED, right?!

Made the final turn where Khairul was at (marshal) and he cheered me on! And then YAY! The No. 2 tag was hung around my neck. FINALLY, IT WAS ALL OVER! They were serving 100plus at the end but I needed water! Thanks to Zhaff who went and got me a 1.5L bottle of water! Such a dedicated team of people! Thanks a lot!IMG_4115Always refusing to take a decent shot! Grrrr!


Oh hey, fancy meeting you here! Bestie alert! So happy to see her there!


Ariff! The organiser and also the reason I got a chance to participate in this fun-filled event!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

They were all in sync. 2 thumbs up and 2 peace signs! Haaaaaaa!


The after run party! There were many things going on that morning (Zumba dance, Lucky Draw, Superhero appearances etc). The energy from the crowd was amazing. It was so fun to watch everyone dress up AND run! Omg, I don’t know how they do it! Kudos to those who did. It was a great family event where parents and kids can have fun while doing something HEALTHY together!

We had more than 2 whole hours to kill! It was a great time catching up with all the runners. Spotted some Puma Running Club members too! They all did so well! WHOOP!

IMG_4084After the big hoo-ha, the lady who came in first was disqualified and I made my way to 1st place. Pleasant surprise! 🙂


Group pic.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Post-race grub!

Ahhhhhhh! 🙂 Thank you once again for having me at this awesome event! It has been a long time since I had this much fun post-race! Perfect ending to this 4-day holiday!

So, uhhhh, when’s the next Superheroes race? 😉

Keep Running!

Post-Race Report: Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) 2015

Many thanks to the race organiser, Karen Loh, for offering a slot and a chance to participate in this rather special annual event!


It was actually a last minute decision on my end, signing up just a week before the big day (Yes, I take forever to make decisions). Usually, I would opt for the shortest possible distance but this time, I settled for the half. I would say that it was on an impulse! Given enough thought, I probably wouldn’t have!

It would have been my 3rd Half Marathon event and I didn’t know how I would fair without training for it. The previous 2 Half Marathons were done during my Full Marathon training. Karen did ask me to go for the Full Marathon but I was NOWHERE near prepared (both physically and mentally). Hats off to those who completed the Full Marathon that day!

Sadly, I was unable to attend the pre-race expo (I wasn’t aware that they changed the dates)! Looking at the pictures, I wished I could have been there to support the girls!

How did I spend my day before race day?


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My beautiful girls planned a very successful be-early surprise party!

It was a party with a theme in my favourite colour, fresh flowers, handmade decorations, my very special and very specific order of popiah and Chatime, an antioxidant blast of frozen strawberries, blueberries, grapes, cherry tomatoes and kiwi, sushi and CUPCAKES! They know me inside out!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Love.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSo BLESSED to have them in my life. 🙂

I had planned to eat very healthy meals the day before MWM but I guess that went down the drain. I had 4 cupcakes and loads of CNY treats! But hey, it was my party and I would like to think that the extra shot of sugar went to fuelling my legs.

As you can see, I had a lot of fruits before race day. Given the amount of fruits and vegetables that I take on a daily basis, my body is able to handle the fiber load. I can eat a whole papaya without it affecting my bowels.

My advice would be: don’t try/eat anything that your body is not accustomed to (especially a day before a big event!). Don’t go on a fruit binge if you don’t normally eat fiber rich foods. You WILL regret it!


Race Day

Set my alarm at 3.15am, 3.30am, 3.45am and 3.50am because I’ve had my fair share of oversleeping and arriving fashionably late!


Story of my life!

I didn’t manage to sleep very well and woke up at the sound of the first alarm. I had 2 slices of plain whole wheat toast and a glass of water. I think I need to stock up on nut butter and bananas!

The race venue was at Shah Alam, a good 20-25 minutes’ drive from where I stay. In the wee hours of the morning, traffic was smooth and we were there by 4.25am – just in time to catch the flag off for the Full Marathon! So happy to see so many independent women runners as well as women with their dedicated pacers!


Snacked on Japanese Meiji biscuits while waiting for Michelle. The good thing about arriving early at race sites is that you don’t have to queue for the portaloos!

IMG_2306She collected my race kit for me! THANKS BABE!

Did a bit of “warm up”(I wouldn’t consider it a warm up. HAHA!) before heading to the starting pen. Stood together with Michelle and her pacer (Alp). We didn’t squeeze all the way to the front but I guess it was good enough. There were many categories, so I didn’t know who my competitors were.


The flag off (at 5.30am) was a bit weird – there was the countdown but not the sound of the alarm/horn. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…… and then we had a few seconds of “Errrr, should we run?” moment.

As usual, I darted out and made my way to the front. Michelle did the same thing too (I guess I’m not the only one!)! I heard Alp saying that we were at a sub 4 minute pace. This is the typical starting pace – you’re feeling fresh and bursting with energy, you just want to go as hard as possible (because you want to make full use of it) and hope for the best later on. I know many people who can relate to that!

I made my way to 4th place and held that position until the 7-8th KM. Around the same time, I saw Daniel crossing over from the opposite side of the road towards me. I was so glad to see a familiar face! The first thing he said was: “You’re in 5th place!” (3rd place in my category)

He did mention that he wanted to do his LSD that morning but I didn’t think he’d show up. We exchanged a few words and he agreed to run with me.

It was early and still very dark, I don’t really remember what I saw or what I ran pass that morning. When you’re running, your focus is on your pace and the run itself. I was completely blank when it came to my surroundings. Runners are vulnerable in that sense.

Thankfully, Daniel was there to direct the way (when there was no road marshal) and alerted me whenever there was an oncoming vehicle. He didn’t exactly pace me because I was setting the pace. But he was good company and he played the pacer role! He notified me of my pace at regular intervals, how many KMs I had left, made sure I had enough gel and water…… He also kept telling me how close/far my competitors were (200m, 100m, 15m!!!!) Ummmmmm, thanks but I didn’t really want to know (haha!). Ignorance IS BLISS!


After about 50 minutes, I decided to take my gel at the next water station. I was already feeling a bit “light”. At the sight of the water station, I ripped the high5 gel that I had brought along and started sucking on it.

Compared with Powergel, it is actually easier to consume high5 gel. The taste is not as strong (I actually like it!) and the gel is not as thick, making it easier to swallow. However, the calorie content of the high5 gel is lower (a difference of about 20 calories per pack). I took a sip at every station and I didn’t care what drink it was. Drank salt water for the first time! Just curious, which brand of gel do you guys like to take and why?

It was a jolly time when we merged with the Full Marathon runners. I managed to spot a few familiar faces (Pei Feng was one of them. I didn’t know she attempted the Full Marathon!). By the 15-16th KM, I was overtaken by 4 other women. Thankfully, none of them were in my category! They were SO STRONG!

Towards the end of the race, it was just Daniel, another fellow Half Marathon lady runner and yours truly. I saw the blue Sultan Salahuddin Aziz Mosque and I knew that it was almost over!

I was getting impatient and my toe was killing me! Halfway through the race, I felt a sharp pulsating sensation on my left second toe and I knew that it was bad. I remember telling Daniel that my toe was bleeding. You can imagine the horror when I took off my shoes. My left sock was soaked in blood.

IMG_2250The GORE!

Finally, the finishing line was in sight!


I ran closely behind her all the way till the end! Another strong runner! I didn’t catch her name but we managed to shake hands and exchange a few words.


Just when I thought that the race drama was over, the marshal hung the NO.1 tag around my neck. I was like WHAT?! Almost the same reaction I had at the end of the RHB race. I couldn’t decide if I was happy or sad, I was just confused. We were very sure that we didn’t go the wrong way because Daniel double checked with the marshals at every turn.


My Pacer! Appreciate all the help! THANKS!


Thanks to Victor and Elaine for the support!

Apparently, the marshals directed the other runners somewhere else and they made a few extra loops before returning. Anyhow, Karen took charge of the situation and I think the results were based on the first checkpoint (See, this is why you should dart out in the beginning! Ok, I’m kidding). I ended up in 2nd place! It was definitely better than I had expected and I hit a new PB!


I had a good time catching up with a few runners! It was so good to see all of them and hearing their inspiring stories! Dewi accompanied her mom to complete her first 10KM race and she (her mom) finished in 11th place! Also, Susan Henderson finished among the top in the Full Marathon despite her lower back injury last year. Amazing.

The atmosphere was just perfect. I love that they had MANDARIN ORANGES! My brother tagged along and he had my share of maggi noodles, cereal and milo.




Half Marathoners!IMG_2213

Half Marathon – Emerald – 1, 2, 3!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Despite a few hiccups along the way, I had loads of FUN! It was my first time taking part in an all-women event! It was also International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate all the women around the world!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Very inspired by all the women that got up to run that day (new runners, mothers, regular runners, the elites etc). Stop at nothing and keep it coming!

Kudos to the MWM team! See ya’ll next year!

Give thanks to the Lord,

for he is good;

his love endures forever.

Psalms 107:1

Post-race Report: Serama Adventure Race 2014

Warning: This is going to be a long read. Expect a relatively detailed report of the event

Muhaizar, fellow Dirigo mate, asked Chooi Fern, Daniel and I if we were interested in taking part in a mix team (1 male, 1 female) adventure race in Malacca. It was the first time I had ever heard of such an event.


This event includes running AND completing several tasks along the way.

He commented that running alone can be boring and that this was something different to break away from the monotony of running. As Muhaizar explained further, we were intrigued! Although we displayed interest, we were still undecided until 1.5 weeks before race day! There were many things that we had to consider (transport, accommodation etc). Yep, the last minute heroes. HAH!

Logistics were easily sorted. Muhaizar offered his place and said that we need not worry about anything. He handled the registration and collected our race kits. Thankfully, we managed to purchase our bus tickets just 2 days before leaving to Malacca.

Pre-race Day

It is the holiday season and I was still very much in the holiday mood. I didn’t think much about preparing for this race. The whole week was filled with easy runs, some core workouts and swimming sessions coupled with A LOT OF FOOD! I had a lot of late nights too which was why I woke up at noon on Saturday. I had a few hours to pack and get some stuff sorted before leaving to the bus station.

I arrived just 10 minutes before the bus left! PHEW! As you read on, you will notice that we had a lot of “JUST IN TIME” moments. The bus left at 5pm sharp.


We had a lot of time to kill.

10407044_10153003015431388_5839111537840838544_n 10897038_10153003015576388_5740187871693217858_n

“Studying” for his exams. HAAAAAAAA!

Without much traffic, the journey took about 2 hours.

Muhaizar picked us up from Sentral Melaka at around 8pm.


We went for dinner with a few of his friends who were also participating in the race the next day. We were supposed to head to the Serama camp site at 8.45pm for a short race day briefing. Of course, we were fashionably LATE!

The organizer held a separate briefing session specially for us. The race distance was 16 KM with 7 obstacles to complete along the way. It was 95% trail/gravel with 5% of road. After the briefing session, we left for Muhaizar’s crib at 10pm.


His home was warm and comfy. Chooi Fern and I shared a room with a double bed.

Took a cold shower after a long day of being on the road. We chilled for a bit before finally deciding to sleep at 12.30am.

Race Day

Chooi Fern and I got up pretty early. We set the alarm at 4.55am. The whole house was dark and quiet. The boys were still sleeping soundly.


Sleepy faces.


Matching socks! These socks have the right amount of cushion to prevent blistering. I wear them for all my trail runs!

I took a cold shower and changed into my race outfit. I continued to roll around on the bed before finally deciding to get up to have breakfast. I had a slice of chocolate raisin bread, biscuits and a cold drink while reading a comic book. By then, it was already 5.50am and the boys WERE STILL SLEEPING!


Muhaizar finally got up at around 6am. The race flag off was at 7am and we were a good 15-20 minutes’ drive away from the race venue. He seemed really cool, as though we had loads of time to kill. I thought he was joking when he mentioned (the day before) that we were going to leave his place at 6.30am.

We left at 6.35am (finally!). The rest of us were feeling very nervous that we would miss the flag off! Muhaizar was cutting it so close! We arrived at 6.55am (“JUST IN TIME” moment). Obviously, we missed the final briefing at 6.30am. HAH! As we got down from the car, Muhaizar said that these events wouldn’t usually start on time, sometimes even an hour later. I believed him and slowly strolled to queue for the toilet (which took forever!). While I was still in the toilet, the marshal announced that we were 5 minutes away from the flag off (WHAT?!).

I rushed to the starting line just seconds before the gun went off (“JUST IN TIME” moment). Muhaizar was nowhere in sight! I poked my head into the crowd, trying to locate him. I wasn’t all that concern because I knew that he would be able to catch up with me. As long as I made sure that I started with the pack, we will be fine.

I started off alone and ran ahead. I made my way to third place. Soon after, Muhaizar caught up with me and said that he had gone to the toilet. GASP! We had a pretty good start. About 1KM in, we made our way to second place.

1st Checkpoint

The first task was a modified version of the ring toss game. We had to toss 5 rubber bands into sticks that were placed on a log. We completed this task fairly quick and we were off to the second check point.

2nd Checkpoint

The male had to play some tunes with the bamboos provided while the female had to dance along to it. This task felt as though they had ran out of ideas. Didn’t spend 2 minutes on this and we were off.

Along the way, Muhaizar picked up a black belt from the road. He tied it onto the back of his water pouch which carried 2 bottles of electrolyte drink and told me to hold onto the other end of the belt. Holding onto it meant that I couldn’t swing my arms much. He was going really fast and I couldn’t keep up, I had to let go of the belt. I was tired and my legs felt like lead. By then, another group had overtaken us.

3rd Checkpoint

I slowed down to consume my gel. We were in 3rd place when we arrived at the 3rd check point. We were given two raffia strings and we were required to braid it in a certain way. Instructions and a model were given but we didn’t want to waste any time going through them. Muhaizar seemed like he knew what he was doing and I just followed his instructions. We had some trouble with this task and we took quite a while. Chooi Fern and Daniel caught up with us. Crazy fast! They were in the IPT category which flagged off after the Open category.

4 teams went ahead of us when we finally got the green light from the marshal. GAH! Muhaizar said that we could still make our way to top 3.

He left me for a while and told me to run ahead. I ran, without looking back. Soon after, he caught up with me. He had made this rubber band loop big enough to loop around my waist with the other end attached to his water pouch. I thought that it was rope that he had brought along but in actual fact, he made it from scratch! He was so resourceful. It helped quite a bit, especially when it came to going up the hills. I felt a forward thrust. All I had to do was make sure that my legs were still moving. He told me to relax and maintain proper running form.

4th Checkpoint

He was blazing away through the trails. We managed to overtake one or two groups (I cannot recall) before reaching the 4th check point. Here, the male was required to make a catapult for the female to use it to shoot one of the few cans that were hanging on strings. Muhaizar was pretty experienced and he made it with ease. I, on the other hand, took quite a bit of time trying to hit the hanging tin cans with it. WHOOOOPS!

3 teams took off ahead of us before I finally managed to hit one of the cans. As we were about to leave, Chooi Fern and Daniel arrived. They didn’t know what to do but we didn’t have time to stay back to help them. SORRY!

The rest of the tasks were back at the base where the race started. This was our last stretch of running before heading back to base. Muhaizar ran fast and I had to follow closely. Running downhill was a real killer because he was directly in front of me. I couldn’t see what was ahead and where my next step was. If either of us slipped, it would have been an ugly mess.

There were SO many times where I wanted to give up to slow down to a walk. My mind was blank and fuzzy, I was tired, I couldn’t feel my legs, I could barely breath and I was THIS close to puking. If I was running my own race, I wouldn’t have pushed myself THIS hard. Muhaizar kept throwing advice and motivational mantras at me. He told me to keep my mind focused and strong. There was no room for slack.

A few KMs in and we overtook our first target. Soon after, we spotted our next target. Muhaizar further increased his speed and said that we had to overtake them. All I could think of was: OHMYGOODNESSAREYOUKIDDINGME! I was dying, literally.


Just a few hundred meters away from the base and we made our way back to 2nd place.

5th Checkpoint

There were 2 tasks to be completed simultaneously. I went to do the flying fox while Muhaizar went on to separate 5 different types of beans.

Having experience in climbing and having done the flying fox before, I geared up pretty quickly. The marshal told me to read the safety rules first but I totally ignored him. My brain was still too fuzzy to process anything and I already knew what I had to do.




After collecting the ribbon for the flying fox task, I went to help Muhaizar.



We spent close to 10 minutes sorting the beans before moving on to the last two tasks.

6th Checkpoint

We had 2 tasks to complete at this checkpoint.



It was a mini obstacle course. We had to go over the wall, push down a barrel filled with water, roll it across the field, put it upright, commando crawl under the tape and ring the bell before going through the obstacle course again in the other direction.



Lastly, we had to pick a tube, get into the water and paddle across the lake.


We were still in 2nd place when we got into the water. I paddled relatively fast but the other team was even FASTER! Just a few meters before heading back to shore, they overtook us.

We collected our ribbons just seconds apart. The last stretch was about 200 meters of running to the finish line. We were THIS CLOSE to catching up to them. We finished in 3rd place, just seconds (and 5 meters away) from the team ahead of us. They did an AMAZING JOB! Hats off to them!

I couldn’t be happier to finally cross the finish line. I was totally drained of whatever energy I had left.


Muhaizar and I were chilling at the café when we saw Chooi Fern getting onto the tube. She didn’t know how to get onto one. Instead of lying on her back, she went on her belly. She spent a good few minutes spinning around and not getting anywhere. The worse part was that Daniel was already halfway across the lake! HE DID NOT WAIT FOR HER (HAHA!)!

We ran down to the lake to give her some tips on what to do. After shouting our lungs out, she finally managed to paddle her way across the lake. At the same time, we were scolding Daniel to go back to drag her along (in the end, he did go back for her). We had a REALLY GOOD LAUGH!


Had a nice icy cold shower before noming on our Subway sandwich that was provided. SO FAMISHED! Every bite was OH-SO-GOOD! Probably the best Subway sandwich ever!


Team THUNDER TIGER (Muhaizar’s idea)!



I was shocked to know that Chooi Fern and Daniel (Trade Hunter) came in 6th place (one team was disqualified). Later on, I found out that they had spent close to 20 minutes at the 4th checkpoint! They had a 5-10 min lead all the way to the 4th checkpoint! Gah! Wasted. This goes to show that speed alone wouldn’t guarantee a win. At least they can learn from this experience. Till the next race guys!






Free flow of food and drinks!




After the prize giving ceremony, lucky draw and photo-taking session, we left for round 2 of food!

10891558_10153003017311388_4661614867760447546_n 10351475_10153003017751388_8305645376413480434_n

The ATM (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia) gang packed some grub and we headed to the famous coconut shake place!


COCONUT SHAKE tasted so good, especially after a hard run!

It was 2.45pm and we had to leave to Muhaizar’s place, pack up our stuff and rush to the bus station before 4pm. Another “JUST-IN-TIME” moment when we arrived just 5 minutes before the bus left.


I want to thank Muhaizar for this really fun experience! He was a really good teammate. Although I was pretty much a total blur case, there were no arguments involved (he was very patient!). He took good care of me throughout the race, making sure I had enough to drink and guiding me along the trails. He pushed me really hard and kept me motivated. If this were a road race, I think I would have hit a PB! Also, he made our stay pleasant and fuss free. Everything was taken cared of. All we had to do was show up and run!

It was a good catch up-run session. We haven’t met since the Standard Chartered KL Marathon!


Terima Kasih Muhaizar, the ATM gang and the race organizers for this awesome experience! Great fun! We will be back for more!


Post-race Report: Putrajaya Relay Trail Run 2014

3rd trail and relay run of the year! I’m on a roll here.

Again, another last minute unplanned race! Chooi Fern and I registered on Tuesday, 4 days before race day. My main concern was that I was supposed to run the Cyberjaya TwinCity half marathon the following day. Yep, another back to back race weekend!

I went on with it anyway because I liked the idea of it being a relay AND a trail run! So exciting!

15191_10152983333686388_4403048239393488019_n 10308268_10152983333546388_7384886034077365667_n The holiday celebrations have begun! I had a party on Friday night and went to bed at about 3am. 10882087_10152983333341388_2649003867160853947_n<310417569_10152983333386388_1808580056646648577_nI couldn’t sleep in on Saturday because I had lunch with the Uni mates to celebrate Janey’s birthday. Haven’t seen them in MONTHS! Good times.1656299_10152983333431388_2970349827039288371_nPre-race meal – Baked eggs!

After lunch, I had to rush home, pack and leave for Putrajaya. I was feeling so sleepy! Daniel and the sister came over to my place and we left from there.

The interesting thing about this race was that the flag off was at 4.30pm. I was worried that it would be TOO HOT to run. And the funny thing was that it was raining as we were on our way to Putrajaya! I couldn’t decide which was worse!

We were there early to collect our race kits. It was raining so heavily that we had to wait in the car for the rain to come to a light drizzle. We thought that the organizers would delay the race but thank God they didn’t.

It started right on time at 4.30pm (It was still drizzling at that time!). The “baton” was in the form of a hair scrunchy. One team of two members would each take turns to run a 6KM trail route. The sister was off on the run along with the other first leg runners. I went to the bathroom twice while waiting for her to return. OH THE NERVES!

When Daniel came back, I knew that the sister wouldn’t be too far off. A few minutes later, the first female runner returned. To my surprise, it was NOT the sister! I was shocked because who else could be faster than her! I kept asking Daniel if he saw her during the run. Did she fall? Was she ok? I was worried because Daniel suffered a pretty bad fall and he was bleeding.

About 3 minutes later, the sister appeared! PHEW! Huge sigh of relief! I was glad that she was ok. She called out to me and handed the pink scunchy over. She yelled for me to chase the other girl who was well ahead of me. The only thing that flashed in my mind was that the sister was crazy!

The roads were slippery and I had to be extra careful with my footing. When I hit the trails, I didn’t care where my next step was or whether or not there was a huge puddle. I jumped right it. Some of the major turns were not clearly marked and it was easy to lose your way. Thankfully I didn’t because I didn’t have time for that. My main focus was to chase the other girl. I ran hard, splashing into the mud and blazing through the bushes.

About 3KMs in, I spotted her. Target locked! I did not hesitate to overtake her. The pressure was on because I was feeling pretty breathless. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of the sister. I didn’t want to let her down. Managed to pull the gap even further as I went along. Phew!

1504033_10152983333231388_7034122035666969527_n  Covered in MUD!

We emerged overall Champions in the Women’s Open category with a total time of 1:03:54. We both clocked in about 31 minutes respectively. So happy to see the sister jumping up and down like a cray woman at the finish line.

10414883_10152983333291388_7122431156664443479_nThe Puma gang!10613096_10152983333086388_8826837740063516677_n 10422933_10152983333046388_702528871957472712_nApparently, the first female runner to return took a shortcut/ran the wrong way and her team got disqualified. Well, I guess it was still worth the chase! What a stressful run!10882190_10152983333166388_482152915622432830_nDaniel’s team came in 3rd! 10857922_10152983332896388_3662386820614781740_nPost-race selfie. The sister is a fast learner. 😉1527066_10152983341956388_6307194122544522082_n10882326_10152983332986388_5404876185742090594_nPost-race meal – Homemade Assam Laksa! Another party!

535951_10152983342031388_2744017531712751013_nDNS the Cyberjaya TwinCity Half Marathon the next day. I only manage 3 hours of sleep and was feeling very tired. I went to support the other runners! It was fun standing on the other side of the finish line.

And of course, the sister managed another Champion title for the 12KM run!10371996_10152983342051388_4695589448280494311_n 10881730_10152983341991388_8391064050103574223_nThis is what a Champion sandwich would look like.

Michelle was the Champ for the FULL MARATHON! CRAZY WOMAN with an amazing finishing time! Congrats girl!10882145_10152983336451388_2313808842992138411_nStrength in numbers. Stronger together!

How was your weekend?

Happy Holidays and uh,

Keep Running!


Post-race Report: Allianz Pacesetters Relay

My first all-girls relay team event!

The decision to join this race was rather spontaneous. I didn’t have any plans to take part in this relay. To cut the long story short (there were many obstacles and decision making along the way), we formed our own PUMA team to compete in the Women’s Open category.

Since it was pretty last minute, we didn’t have time to train together. We just trusted that each of us would do our very best for the team! And we delivered! Very proud of this team of strong women.

We did a bit of planning on whom would go first, second, third and fourth, but we didn’t have a concrete plan or strategy. We did, however, put quite a bit of thought into what we were going to wear on race day! Oh, you know, FASHION FIRST, RUN LATER! At least, if we didn’t win, we’d still look good.10270600_10152967900966388_4440921778844475019_n

We had a lot of fun in motivating each other and adding a little spark of excitement here and there throughout the week leading up to race day. Angel was so nervous that she had a nightmare about the race! PHEW! The pressure was definitely on. When it comes to a team event, you have to perform for yourself AND your teammates! Everybody is dependent on each other. And that is the beauty of relay races!10714560_10152490055816048_4169086941689649075_o

Serious stuff, don’t mess. Or maybe not. Michelle was probably thinking of what to eat post race. HAHA!

The first half of the route was hilly. We had to control our paces at the start to be able to survive the rest of the way. My legs were SO heavy at the start! GAH! 10801934_10152967915711388_135880156933732139_nChooi Fern was the first to go! She did an amazing job in pulling a huge gap for the rest of us. She was the first female to come back and the rest of us maintained the position all the way! YAY! Thank God Michelle agreed to run the last leg. I don’t think I could have handled that level of STRESS! GO MICHELLE!

10370888_10152967915726388_3260157988714327767_nWe were shouting and screaming our lungs out for each other. Got a few stares from the other runners. WHOOPS! We waited at the end for Michelle to come in. We couldn’t contain our excitement the minute she crossed the finish line! Thanks to Kevin for being there and recording each of our start, pass and finish!


TEAM PUMA IN RED! 10450797_10152967915466388_2055905110660099358_n


Very proud of Angel. She has improved so much! Despite being so worried before the race, she did an awesome job! Don’t ever doubt your ability. Believe in yourself and strive for the best!1511735_10152967915486388_4144789173914312684_n

The champs of each category.1669875_10152492015491048_6112850447887302593_o

Puma represent! Podium finish for the whole Puma team!

Peng Peng’s Team – 2nd place (U26 Women)

Daniel’s Team – 2nd place (U26 Men)

Goh Shu Wei’s Team – 5th place (Men Open)

Yung Hui’s Team – 5th place (U26 Men)


My girls.10689427_10152967900961388_9192645460837005624_n

Nuff’ said.

We stand together, hand in hand, till the very end!

Let’s do this again! Can’t wait for our next relay event.

Keep Running!