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Be Your Own Champion

Competition is inevitable, everything is about competition. Herbert Spencer explains Darwin’s mechanism of natural selection in 4 words – survival of the fittest. Those who can adapt to the current environment will survive. In other words, if you want to thrive, you’ve got to be the smartest, most successful, strongest, fastest and all the other –est words that you can find in the dictionary.IMG_1618


No competition there 😉

We are all fighting for something – our jobs, our families, our lives. If competition didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be the need to fight for anything and we’d all be mediocre people.

We are always striving to do better than others. It is good and healthy to have a little friendly competition. After all, that is what pushes us to be our best, right?

Unhealthy Competition

Competition becomes unhealthy when it is channeled away and skewed towards negativity against yourself (or others). Thinking that you are not good enough or sinking into depression or the fear that seeps in are all huge setbacks towards working on a better version of yourself.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back, reflect and realise that we are all different. We are born with unique characteristics, traits, personalities, talents, capabilities, strengths and even weaknesses. To a certain extent, we are restrained by our genetic make-up. Other people’s capabilities may not be your capabilities and vice versa.

IMG_2328Be as silly as you can be!

If you spend your entire life trying to be someone else, you are wasting the very person that you already are.

Be a Better Version of YOURSELF

Stop looking at everyone else.

Look in the mirror.

Invest in yourself. Learn to expand what YOU can do, within YOUR capabilities. Instead of hating on the world and yourself, channel that energy into becoming a better YOU.

IMG_2927PUSH to where you want to be.

Hard Work + Perseverance = Success

Even if you cut out competition, you cannot come up with an excuse to cut out hard work. There is no “easy” way out.

When I graduated as the Best Graduate in my faculty in Monash, I was asked: “What is your secret?” You want to know the secret?


I just read a little more, took a little more notes, stayed up a little later than everyone else and used the extra free time in between classes to prepare for the next class. When you think about it, there is no secret. We all KNOW what it takes to achieve something. The question is: Are we willing to do what it takes?

I was never academically good in high school. I was just average. But I made a choice. I decided that I wanted to be the best version of myself. I had nothing to lose, even if I failed. At least, I can tell myself that I did my best. If it didn’t work out, I could always do something else and whatever that was done can be added to the “experience” bucket. The goal was not to be the “Best Graduate”. I didn’t even know that title existed until AFTER I completed my degree. I made sure I pushed through the hard times. Perseverance!

It is good to have certain goals in life but the goal should always be: To Be The BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Consistency, Persistence FullSizeRender_2

I was never a sportsman or a runner back in school. I was active in all sports but I never stood out. Whenever I was short listed to be trained, I would run away and come up with excuses to skip the “hard work”. I never fully explored my potential. I held back. I wasn’t prepared to put in the “hard work” that was required.


I didn’t run to compete. I ran because I wanted to stay in shape and to get fit and healthy (HAHA!). It took a lot of hard work, determination and consistency to do just that. Life has funny ways to applaud you. When I realised that I could place within the top 20 when I ran my first race, I couldn’t help but think of the “what if”. What if I ran a little harder? What if I pushed a little more?

I couldn’t just stop there. 


My running achievements are nothing to shout about. The reason I get to be up on the podium is because the best in the field are not around. If they were, I’d float away in the sea of mediocrity. Having said that, those achievements are MY personal achievements. It is my journey and I know that I have come a long way.

Celebrate Who You Are

Learn to celebrate the little achievements/milestones instead of always beating yourself up. But then again, be careful to not let your victories go to your head or your failures go to your heart.FullSizeRender(1)

With each running related post that I upload or write about on social media, I am hoping that I am able to motivate and inspire other people. I am NOT an EXPERT. I am still very much on this learning journey and it will continue till the day my heart stops beating.

I just want to show other people that with a little hard work, determination, persistence, time, effort and a speck of craziness, even the most normal person like me is able to achieve something. I am grateful for everyone who has contributed in helping me get to where I am and where I want to be.FullSizeRender

If you are stuck in a rut or going nowhere in life, ask yourself: “Am I giving it my best? Is this where I should be? Am I using my gifts and talents to the best of my capabilities?” Chances are, the answer is no.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, discover your potential, PUSH and learn to BE YOUR OWN CHAMPION.

I thank GOD for everything that he has done and blessed me with.

Nothing is possible without HIM.

Post-race Report: Allianz Pacesetters Relay

My first all-girls relay team event!

The decision to join this race was rather spontaneous. I didn’t have any plans to take part in this relay. To cut the long story short (there were many obstacles and decision making along the way), we formed our own PUMA team to compete in the Women’s Open category.

Since it was pretty last minute, we didn’t have time to train together. We just trusted that each of us would do our very best for the team! And we delivered! Very proud of this team of strong women.

We did a bit of planning on whom would go first, second, third and fourth, but we didn’t have a concrete plan or strategy. We did, however, put quite a bit of thought into what we were going to wear on race day! Oh, you know, FASHION FIRST, RUN LATER! At least, if we didn’t win, we’d still look good.10270600_10152967900966388_4440921778844475019_n

We had a lot of fun in motivating each other and adding a little spark of excitement here and there throughout the week leading up to race day. Angel was so nervous that she had a nightmare about the race! PHEW! The pressure was definitely on. When it comes to a team event, you have to perform for yourself AND your teammates! Everybody is dependent on each other. And that is the beauty of relay races!10714560_10152490055816048_4169086941689649075_o

Serious stuff, don’t mess. Or maybe not. Michelle was probably thinking of what to eat post race. HAHA!

The first half of the route was hilly. We had to control our paces at the start to be able to survive the rest of the way. My legs were SO heavy at the start! GAH! 10801934_10152967915711388_135880156933732139_nChooi Fern was the first to go! She did an amazing job in pulling a huge gap for the rest of us. She was the first female to come back and the rest of us maintained the position all the way! YAY! Thank God Michelle agreed to run the last leg. I don’t think I could have handled that level of STRESS! GO MICHELLE!

10370888_10152967915726388_3260157988714327767_nWe were shouting and screaming our lungs out for each other. Got a few stares from the other runners. WHOOPS! We waited at the end for Michelle to come in. We couldn’t contain our excitement the minute she crossed the finish line! Thanks to Kevin for being there and recording each of our start, pass and finish!


TEAM PUMA IN RED! 10450797_10152967915466388_2055905110660099358_n


Very proud of Angel. She has improved so much! Despite being so worried before the race, she did an awesome job! Don’t ever doubt your ability. Believe in yourself and strive for the best!1511735_10152967915486388_4144789173914312684_n

The champs of each category.1669875_10152492015491048_6112850447887302593_o

Puma represent! Podium finish for the whole Puma team!

Peng Peng’s Team – 2nd place (U26 Women)

Daniel’s Team – 2nd place (U26 Men)

Goh Shu Wei’s Team – 5th place (Men Open)

Yung Hui’s Team – 5th place (U26 Men)


My girls.10689427_10152967900961388_9192645460837005624_n

Nuff’ said.

We stand together, hand in hand, till the very end!

Let’s do this again! Can’t wait for our next relay event.

Keep Running!