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Cambodia Run-cation: Day 1

Looks like it is one run after another!

PBIM was nowhere as exciting or as fun compared to Cambodia! I’ll leave the PBIM post for another day (or maybe not).IMG_0751

I went for my first overseas run-cation to Cambodia with the Tom, Dick and Harry (TDH/Mou Man Tai/MMT) gang! It was SO fun. The people I travelled with made all the difference. There was never a dull moment with them.

Day 1 – Saturday (5th December)

By the time I knew about this run-cation, everyone had already booked their flights. MAS was full so I had to travel alone via Air Asia. My flight was at an ungodly hour (6:50am). I was up by 4am and my parents drove me all the way to KLIA2 because I wouldn’t have made it in time if I travelled via the KLIA express.

After checking in and with the long walk to the gate, it was time to board the plane. I did not have much time to walk around or catch a cup of coffee.


Siem Reap Airport

The plane ride was smooth and I managed to take a short nap. Two hours later, I was in Cambodia! I had 4 hours to kill before the rest of the MMT gang arrived! I was feeling hungry and very thirsty. I only had 1 green apple and 350ml of water since the time I got up. I walked around the airport, in hopes to find some food. The airport was rather new and THERE WAS NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! No food, no water, not even a water dispenser!

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I was tired and I didn’t dare to venture out of the airport on my own. So, I found a cosy corner and spent half of my time sleeping and the other half reading.

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We have Colin, Kimmie, Bruce, FC, Ben, Angie, Chris, LiHowe, Sue, Jessen, Jef, Jane, Agnes, Amanda and yours truly!


Cheathata Hotel! Not Cheat-at-a Hotel. 😉 It was new, clean, comfortable, big AND very central!

The MMT gang finally arrived at 12:30pm!

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We took the shuttle bus to the hotel and checked in. After settling in, planning, chatting, photo taking, gobbling of hotel fruits and walking around, we finally sat down in Sokkhah Restaurant to have some local food. I had my first bite of food (proper meal) at 3:30pm!

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Never too early for some 1 DOLLAR drinks!


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Found this cart selling COFFEE!

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Got my CAFFEINE FIX for 1.50usd! YUM!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I had beef lok lak for lunch! There wasn’t a distinct taste to it but it was very nice and very tender! We also had mango sticky rice and some yam dessert with ice cream and sago. So good! Their dishes have a lot of Thai influence with a twist of their own interpretation. Not very unique but different!

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Jose came with his family and joined us for food! He was aiming for a sub-2 at the Half Marathon happening the next day!

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Hello Aggy!

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The hotel shuttle came to pick us up from the restaurant and we went to Aspara hotel to collect our race kits!


Pub street! Where you’d want to be if you’re a drinker. 😉

I was sick since Wednesday and I was still recovering. I felt a lot better but I had a lingering cough and flu with phlegm. The hot air coupled with the waterless 4 hour wait at the airport made it worse. By dinner time, I was feeling a bit rundown.

IMG_0558Carbo loading for the Half Marathon!

We had pizza, pasta and burgers for dinner at around 8:30pm. After dinner, we bought some drinks and bottled water before calling it a night at around 11-12pm. We had to be up by 4am for the run!

So that is Day 1 of the Cambodia run-cation.

Next up: RUN day!

Post-Race Report: MRCA Charity Run 2015

I meant to write about my PBIM experience but I couldn’t find the time to do so last week. Since the MRCA Charity Run 2015 is still rather fresh in my deteriorating mind, I shall blog about it first!

You’re probably sick of me saying this but as usual, I didn’t manage to sign up for this race! I have a terrible track record of leaving registration tabs open till the very last minute and sometimes, missing the chance to sign up. It was the same for this one. Surprise surprise!

Thankfully, Shu Wei managed to get a few sponsored bibs!


The race was at One City Mall, Subang, a good 30 minute drive away. I was supposed to pick Wai Ching up on the way. This meant that I had to get up EXTRA early. I set 4 alarms and told Wai Ching to call me up if I didn’t text him by 5:30am.IMG_0348

As I was completely knackered from VBS camp and work, I slept like a dead log and woke up at the sound of the 3rd alarm! I wasn’t feeling excited or pumped for this race. I was so whacked out, I didn’t mind a DNS.

We arrived at around 6:15am and hung out in the car until about 6:30am. I would say that feeling tired was normal, but I was also feeling a bit bloated. I don’t have (still!) the habit of clearing my system before a race (I have yet to make this a habit!). I felt so heavy, bloated, sick and just URGH! I tried to go to the toilet twice but FAILED! Wai Ching offered some Chinese herbs but since I had not taken it before, I didn’t try! I expected to feel better after the light warm up but I felt worse!

Met up with a few familiar faces (Shu Wei, Daniel, Suit Mei, May, Ray, Sharon, Weng Woo etc) before proceeding to the start line. I slipped in through the side and was standing upfront.

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We did the countdown together and we were off at 7:30am sharp. I started running at a rather conservative pace. At least, that was what it felt like. I ran the same race last year (same course) and from what I remember, it was flat throughout!

Running through the course again, I realised I WAS WRONG! It was nothing like the races in KL but it wasn’t flat either. At around 4.5km, I saw Michelle! She was waiting at the end of the U-turn. I think I gave her the why-are-you-not-running look and she answered the question that I had in my mind. She paced me for a bit before leaving me to conquer the hills on my own! SNEAKY twin! She waited at the end of the hill before pacing me for a few more kms. THANKS Twinny!IMG_0351

By the 4th km, I managed to maintain 3rd place. It was rather unexpected because I really felt horrible! SO HAPPY to see the finish line.

Collected the goodie bag and enjoyed THAT post-race high! But the race was not over yet (well, sort of)! I joined the relay team event at the last minute to replace Voon Ying.


The relay started at about 9:30am. Thankfully, it was just a short 850-900m sprint around the mall. I don’t think my body and the blisters on my feet could handle anything longer than that!IMG_0381

Photo Credits: Ray

Shu Wei was our first leg runner and he secured our 1st placing by pulling a large gap with the other runners.IMG_0353

I sprinted for the first 400-500m before fatigue started to set in. My legs felt like jell-o! But my mind was focused on the team. I love how team events force you to PUSH even when you don’t want to. You have to remember that everyone is depending on each other! We finished in 1st place!IMG_0379

Photo Credits: Ray

I ran the 2nd leg.


Photo Credits: Ray

Passing it over to Daniel!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

BearinBag!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The event was very well organised and the MRCA managed to raise 100 thousand for charity! Such a great cause! There were many food stalls around but I was too tired to queue and most of the food/drinks were finished before we got there.


#MRCA #MRCACharityRun #foragoodcause

It was a very satisfying end to what seemed like a VERY LONG week! I didn’t even have time to run much. The longest mileage was clocked on race day!

I guess sometimes, instead of pushing it, your body performs better with more rest! I need to keep that in mind!IMG_0327

If it was an accurate 10km race, I probably would have PB-ed! 🙂

IMG_0329#GarminMalaysia #GarminBuddy

We both got 3rd place!IMG_0339The team went home with a lot of goodies!

VBS 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetI had a lot of fun at the VBS camp. The theme this year was Agency D3 and I was in charge of the games at the Training Ground. Conducting 7 sessions a day was a killer especially when you’re dealing with kids!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_0271

Modified this game just 10 minutes before show time!

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Guess what’s in the bag! The last session! Phew.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Joel! Best Agent for his age group!

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God has been awesome (as always)! Everything went smoothly (even with some last minute changes in the games/minor hiccups etc) and He gave me all the mental and physical strength that I needed to go through the week! I overslept (classic!) for one of the days but I arrived JUST as the pre-schoolers were lining up outside the Training Ground! PHEW!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCelebrated Joanne’s quarter life in between the craziness! Welcome to the dark side!


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Work hard and leave the rest to God. So blessed!

Whatever you are doing, KEEP GOING! 🙂