Toning Up – Without the Gym

My last post was on the different types of cardio (LISS and HIIT) and how you can tailor them according to your needs (fat loss/marathon training).

This is my take on resistance training:

There is a lot of confusion and other mumbo jumbo pseudo-science theories surrounding resistance/strength training. When you think of resistance training, you probably imagine someone big, buff and bulky, right? But not all resistance training will give you that result.

Again, there are different types of resistance training that can be incorporated into your workout routine to fit your fitness goal.

Before I get into the nitty gritty details, let’s get one thing straight: Girls! You will not get bulky and big from lifting weights. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for the gain in muscle mass in men. Men have significantly higher testosterone levels (more than 10 times) compared to women. We clearly do not have the hormonal support to gain that level of muscle mass when we lift heavy weights. Female bodybuilders work VERY HARD to look like how they do. So the main point here is that women will not gain muscles like a man even if they lift heavy.

Resistance training is great for body compositional change and fat loss – muscles consume more energy! I know many people who swear by it and ONLY do resistance training with good results. I do resistance training too.

There are many ways that you can do resistance training without going to the gym or needing any gym equipment – body weight workouts.


I started doing push ups on my knees. When that got easy, I advanced to the normal push up position (on my feet instead of on my knees).

Not challenging enough? I now place my feet up on the bench to do my push ups. Putting your feet up increases the overall load on your arms (more than just your body weight).

There are many other ways to increase the intensity of resistance training when you get comfortable with your own weight. Get creative and switch things up.

I like to make resistance training a little bit more fun by combining several moves to form a circuit. Circuit training allows you to train different muscle groups with each move (Squats, dips, lunges, pull ups etc).

Squats, for example, activates your core, gluteus minimus and quads whereas tricep dips activates your tricep muscles. As you are not training the same muscle group continuously, you can rest only after you have completed the whole circuit. Also, as you are moving from one move to the next with little to no breaks in between, your heart rate is constantly high which means that you’re getting your cardio workout done as well. By repeating the circuit several times, you would have turned your resistance training into interval training. Win win!

Sample workout:

-20 burpees

-20 raised push ups

-20 raised glute bridges

-20 bicycle kicks (each side)

-20 tricep dips

-20 jump squats

-1 min plank

Repeat 5 times. No breaks in between until you have completed the whole circuit!

Want more examples? ASK ME!

10404882_10203305528933261_2183387625743821626_nGood ol’ PLANK to activate the CORE muscles!

Try this interval: 2 mins plank x 3 with 1 minute break in between followed by 1.5 mins side plank x 3 each side with 1 minute break in between.

Funny how 2 minutes can seem FOREVER and that 1 minute break gone in a blink.

I like to stress that for resistance training, proper form is very important. Maintaining strict form on all movements will ensure results and save you from injury. Stabilize the body, tighten the abdominal muscles and feel the primary intended muscle contracting instead of using momentum to complete the move. You need to focus and ACTIVATE the right muscle. It is so easy to just “go through the motion”.

This works for me because as a runner, I want strength and not the extra weight from the muscle bulk. Own body weight resistance training and plyometrics are my cup of tea!

3You don’t have to go to the gym to become lean, toned and strong!

For runners, a few strength training sessions coupled with running and you’re good to go! Try it!

imageRemember to be patient! Quick fixes don’t last!

*Disclaimer: You need to maintain a reasonable healthy, well-balanced and nutrient rich diet. More on this in my next post!

Till then, HAVE FUN jumping around!

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