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Oh wow, excuse my absence. I just remembered that I have a blog to update!

The past few weeks have been crazy. The good kind of crazy…I think. Time needs to slow down. Everything just seems to be happening concurrently. I have quite a number of things on my plate right now (work, church, studies, running etc).

Responsibilities are piling up, and I’m trying to do all of them. They are things that I enjoy doing, but I realize that I have less time to do what I need to do. Sometimes, when you try to do too much, you end up giving 25% to each instead of 100%. Still trying to find that balance. BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE!

Time to get moving with my crazy life! Something exciting has happened recently. I can’t reveal anything right now but let’s just say good things come with great responsibility. I am happy and excited but at the same time, afraid of the unknown. Time will tell if this works out. It is a huge commitment on my end and I just hope that I can juggle all that is to come.

In other news, the ParX team relay race is coming up this week (on Sunday)! I haven’t been racing in over a month, so it’ll be something fresh. It was a good break from racing almost every week (and one back to back!). Still, my weekend mornings have been filled with training sessions.

I am really looking forward to this race. My first mix and road relay race. SO EXCITING!


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This was my last race back in June – Score Run 2014.


The final stretch…


And I was the champ. It was totally unexpected…really. It was a pretty good day with lots of watermelon at the finish line. YUMS!


Cari Team Brazil.

My awesome teammates for the ParX relay! Jing Jing, HYH, Bryan and Zi Shen. These guys are good and it is an honour to be in their team. They recruited me after just knowing me for a few weeks (back in February). Thanks for giving me this chance and believing in me. This team is solid. I am sure that we’re going to be alright.


We’re going to go ALL OUT this weekend! Can’t wait!


This is what our typical training sessions look like. I never thought I’d say this but I am starting to enjoy doing track intervals.

10514623_10152567701141388_6628874600536759067_nTrack…It has become a weekly affair.


Our training sessions have also been growing in numbers. As we move closer to race day, I guess everyone felt the need to start gearing up! The last minute heroes.


Support from the Puma gang!


The final group training session – race route rehearsal. This is it. All the best to all the teams!

Stay safe, train well, sleep tight, eat right & gear up for this weekend!

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  1. “To achieve great thing, two things are needed: a plan and a not quite enough time”. You are on the right path! Thumbs up for you!

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