Updating from Las Vegas!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently (although I don’t think anyone is waiting for one!). I am and will be in the US for the next 2 weeks.

Currently updating from Las Vegas, Nevada! How exciting! I plan to keep a travel log so expect more travel-related updates.

Most of you would know that this Vegas trip is my mom’s VIP incentive (award) trip. This is DDI’s 30th VIP trip and my mom has won more than half of them. So every year (if she wins), we would take turns to go.

Ok, moving on to the updates……


The journey took more than 30 hours with two layovers: Hong Kong (2 hours) and Los Angeles (6-7 hours).


Killing time.

1947825_10152328212416388_1362711563_nDinner at the airport. Organic Vegan meal of Tofu, Kale and Quinoa! So fresh and healthy. NOM!1974987_10152334820131388_1750377197_n

The not-so-healthy meal. Burgers and fries are a MUST in the US. It is ok to eat “bad foods” once in awhile.


We finally settled in at the Bellagio hotel on Sunday night (9th March). The Bellagio is one of the main hotels along the strip of Las Vegas. At 11.30pm, the hotel was packed like a shopping mall on a weekend. I guess the saying “Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps” stands true.



Our personal limo driver who picked us up from the airport.



After checking in, we rushed to catch the final musical fountain show right outside the Bellagio. It comes on every 15 minutes from 8pm-12am every night.


We walked along the strip for a bit before calling it a night. 6 comfy pillows to myself!


1932308_10152331368301388_915854230_nWaking up to THIS!

Monday was free and easy. The official VIP program only began at night so we had the whole day to ourselves. Due to the time difference, I woke up early at 7-ish.

After sitting around for so many hours on the plane, my legs were stiff and itching to run. It was too hot to run outside so I decided to check out the Fitness Centre at the Bellagio. The hotel was so big that it took me 15 minutes to find the place even after asking 2 different people for directions (epic fail).


Pre-workout selfie.


The gym was very well equipped. It had so many different machines it took me a while to adjust.


I checked out all the machines although the only thing that I ever use is the treadmill. I hopped on one of the treadmills and survived 20 gruelling lifeless minutes (4.1KM). I was not tired (barely broke a sweat), but I gave up.


I wore my Puma Pacer tee and it actually spiked interest in some of the gym-goers. After much chatter,  I drank a few cups of water and left.


Sprinted down this never-ending hallway back to the room.

For the rest of the day, we took a bus and toured along the strip.


Wrap and Snapple! My kind of grub.


Huge serving of egg, toast and hash brown (although you can’t tell from the picture).



Did some shopping and ate all sorts of junk food along the way.


At night, it was DDI’s VIP awards and welcome dinner where the DDI employees and VIP guests (us) were acknowledged for their hard work and support respectively.



Front row! The President of the company.

Mom was named as the lifeblood of DDI Malaysia! Way to go mom! Indeed, my supermom.


It was a buffet dinner but I only managed to capture the desserts!

Stay tuned for updates on the Canyon Float and the Hoover Dam tour!

Till then, get movin’!

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